Mark Conroy | Frontend Web Developer

Published: Wed 23 Jul 2014

How to Create an Image Gallery in Drupal 7

It's not difficult. It really isn't, but people struggle over it. Lots. Let's see how to make an image gallery in Drupal 7 (the same theory will hold for Drupal 6 and, I presume, Drupal 8).

Published: Tue 04 Mar 2014

Drupal Open Days Ireland 2014 Announced

Drupa Open Days 2014 - two days of discussions, workshops, presentations, Q&As, and socialising - all built around the theme of Drupal and what it can do for you - has just been announced.

Published: Fri 13 Dec 2013

Tutorial: How to Install CKEditor with Drupal 7

Back in the good old days (circa 2008, Drupal 6.3) there was me. Me and my Drupal installations. And not much of a clue about anything. Then I thought, if only I had a WYSIWYG editor, my life would be complete. Then I tried to install one (TinyMCE specifically) and  lo!, my nightmares began in earnest.

Published: Thu 07 Nov 2013

Drupal Camp Cork 2013 this weekend

That marvelous event of nature that only happens twice a year (no, it's not the solstice (or the equinox)) is upon us: Drupal Camp in Ireland. This time, we're off to the rebel county: Cork.