A bash script to install different Drupal profiles the easy way

Over the past few weeks I've been sharing handy ways to set up Drupal for easier Drupal core development. Here's a bash script for installing Drupal and allowing you to choose what profile you want.

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When contributing to Drupal core, or any distribution of Drupal like LocalGov Drupal, or doing anything that needs you to install and reinstall Drupal a lot, it gets frustrating having to go through the same steps. 

I often hit the up arrow to use my last command in my terminal which might look something like this:

ddev drush si standard -y && drush cex -y && git add config/sync && git commit -m "config" && ddev drush uli

What does that do?

  1. Installs Drupal using the standard profile
  2. Exports the default config to the config/sync directory
  3. Adds this config to a dummy git repo that goes no where - this is so if I need to do something that changes config, I can re-export the config and do a git diff to see what changes I need to add back in to my module/installation profile
  4. Gets me a login link

However, I often need to install the Umami profile, since I am a Drupal core maintainer for that. And I often need to install the LocalGov Drupal profile, since I am the frontend lead for that project. And sometimes I need to install the demo_content module with LocalGov Drupal. 

With all that in mind, I decided to create a bash script that would install any of these profiles and allow me to choose which one when I run it. Here's the script:


set -x


echo "What profile do you want to install?"
options=("Standard" "Umami" "LocalGov" "LocalGov (with Demo Content)" "LocalGov Microsites" "LocalGov (with Elections)")

# Check if a command-line argument was provided
if [ $# -gt 0 ]; then
  # Use the command-line argument as the profile selection
  # No argument provided, fall back to interactive selection
  select profile_selection in "${options[@]}"

case $profile_selection in
  "Standard" | 1)
    ddev drush si standard -y
  "Umami" | 2)
    ddev drush si demo_umami -y
  "LocalGov" | 3)
    ddev drush si localgov -y
  "LocalGov (with Demo Content)" | 4)
    ddev drush si localgov -y
    ddev drush en localgov_demo -y
  "LocalGov Microsites" | 5)
    ddev drush si localgov_microsites -y
  "LocalGov (with Elections)" | 6)
    ddev drush si localgov -y
    ddev drush en localgov_elections_demo_content -y
    echo "Invalid option. Please run the script again with a valid option."
    exit 1

ddev drush cex -y
ddev drush cr

# wait 3 seconds, so the config has fully exported
sleep 3
git add config
git commit -m "config"

ddev drush uli

This script gives me six options:

  1. Standard - the standard installation of Drupal
  2. Umami - the Demo Umami profile
  3. LocalGov - the default LocalGov Drupal installation profile
  4. LocalGov (with Demo Content) - installs the demo content module after installing LocalGov Drupal
  5. LocalGov Microsites - the LGD microsites platform profile
  6. LocalGov (with Elections) - enables the elections suite of modules, I needed that lots over the past few weeks

Now, when I want to re-install Drupal, I can run bash _install-drupal.sh (it has the underscore so it stays at the top of the directory I have it saved in). That will then ask me to enter 1-6 for what profile I want to enable, or I can run bash _install-drupal.sh 2 to install profile 2, which is Demo Umami.

This came in very handy today when working on a hook_install() to set various created dates for the demo content in the Umami profile. I had to reinstall the site to test it about 20 times, so this was a real time-saver.

After the profiles install, I then export the config. After that I wait 3 seconds, if not the git add config often doesn't get all the config and the directory may not have finished getting cleared out and restocked.

I hope that help you. If you have any improvements, I'd love to hear them.

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