A (simple) Plan for Everyone to Get a Free T-Shirt at DrupalCon

You know you want a t-shirt at DrupalCon Vienna, right? I do. read on...

At this year's DrupalCon in Vienna, the Drupal Association will only be providing 'free' t-shirts to people who purchase an early bird ticket (not exactly 'free' when the ticket costs almost €500) - a position I don't agree with (if you can't afford to give a t-shirt in a welcome pack when charging €500 a ticket, there seems to be something drastically wrong with your business model).

After a tweet last night of me sporting a Druid.fi t-shirt that I received at DrupalCon Dublin, I got thinking: how can we do something to make sure everyone gets a free t-shirt? Then I thought, 'why not provide our own'? Heaven knows we all have loads of them.

So, here's the plan. Everyone brings a Drupal-related t-shirt to DrupalCon. It could be one from your company, one from a previous DrupalCon (I've never been to an non-European one so would like one from somewhere else in the world), one from your local DrupalCamp, a DevDays t-shirt, etc. Then, after the Driesnote, while we are all getting into position for the group photo you give that t-shirt to someone of a similar size to you, and they give you they one they brought (if they brought one). Feel free to bring more than one t-shirt to cover those who don't bring any (it might be some people's first Drupal event).

Oh, and by the way, my size is 'medium'!

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