Announcing: The Drupal Showcase Podcast

As the title says, I am announcing the launching (soon) of the Drupal Showcase Podcast. This will be a forthnightly podcast showcasing the best new Drupal websites.

Each show will be a friendly conversation (lasting approximately 30 minutes) giving participants a chance to share their thoughts on a recent project, how it was built, what others can learn from it, and contributions made to the Drupal community from the project.

The site is complete in terms of functionality, some more theming is needed, and some more interviews need to be added to the backlog. I'm hoping to launch within about 6 weeks.

In the mean time, join the mailing list for updates and/or suggest a website for the podcast, or chat with me at DrupalCon Barcelona about participating in a show.

Thanks, and keep Drupalling!

(Oh, and the website is here:

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