Braindump: Choosing an e-commerce solution for Drupal

Here's a braindump to a question I answered on Slack today about choosing an e-commerce solution for Drupal.

In terms of a Drupal-native solution, there really isn’t any other option than Drupal Commerce.

You could use another platform like Shopify and use the Drupal Shopify module to import your products to Drupal for display. It looks like a decent approach but the module is only in an alpha state and hasn’t had a release in almost 2 years.

A headless platform like Big Commerce is also worth looking at, but the Big Commerce module only has 2 sites using it (in the whole world), and is itself built on top of the Drupal Commerce module.

In short, it looks like all roads lead to Drupal Commerce. Well done and thanks very much to the Centarro team for all their hard work on it.

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