Does your agency want to contribute more to Drupal?

Lots of agencies want to contribute more to Drupal, but don't have the time due to client work. Let's fix that.

Mark Conroy Speaking at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019

Having spoken to a lot of Drupal agencies recently, a common theme keeps emerging: we want to contribute more to open source/Drupal but we don't have the time due to client work, or we don't have people who are used to contributing.

That seems like a problem worth solving. It will mean more contributions to Drupal, faster iterations of Drupal features (let's get Starshot launched asap), and ultimately more Drupal credits for your agency.

How do we solve it? Simple, you find someone that is available for work currently, and is also well-used to contributing to Drupal, and perhaps is also a Drupal core maintainer, and you fund them. If you are wondering who, well ... me, for example. 

What will you get for funding a Drupal core developer?

  • A mention on each comment on issues I am working on on (something like "Thanks to <agency name> for sponsoring my time to work on this issue").
  • A credit for any issues I am working on (add me to your organisation on and I'll tag it as the organisation paying for the work).
  • A mention at the top of any blog posts I write to explain an issue I am working on.
  • A mention in any videos I create as a demo about any issue I am working on.
  • One day per week of Drupal core contributions (or as much as you want to fund).

What initiatives do I want to work on?

How do we get started?

This is the easy bit.

You send an email to and I'll get back to you asap to have a chat about how the engagement will work. Then we start working on it, you start getting credits, and Drupal gets better. 

Everyone's a winner!


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