Drupal Camp Cork 2013 this weekend

That marvelous event of nature that only happens twice a year (no, it's not the solstice (or the equinox)) is upon us: Drupal Camp in Ireland. This time, we're off to the rebel county: Cork.

Although, the Dublin event usually has a larger turnout, we're expecting quite a good attendance in Cork this weekend, with about 50 registered so far on the official website and surely more to arrive on the day. Who's on the roll of honour? The biggest names in Drupal Ireland: Me (@markconroy), Stella (@snpower), Alan (@alanjosephburke), Gary (@manonmir), and of course the main organiser Ruairi (@Snakedog_101). So, basically, if you have a Drupal question or project that you'd like to discuss, one of us will surely be able to help you out - don't be shy.

And the topics (in order of what I am looking forward to:

You can read the full schedule here.

Did I also mention: LOTS OF BEER! - Looking forward to seeing y'all in Cork.

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