LocalGov Drupal: Refactoring Code - Video Paragraph Type

Here's an example of where "less is more" sometimes. I reckon we can make the video paragraph type in LocalGov Drupal simpler by just removing the template.

Reformatting Drupal Code: LocalGov Alert Banner

When looking recently at the template for the video paragraph type in LocalGov Drupal, I thought, "hang on, is this necessary?". As it turns out, we have a template for it, but I'm not sure it's needed.

One of the reasons is must be there however is because we have set a template suggestion for it in the localgov_subsites_paragraphs.module file, so if it's removed we will get a Twig error about an undefined template.

Let's go through this template implementation step-by-step to show how sometimes less is more.


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