My Drupal Core Contributions for week-ending June 21th, 2024

Here's what I've been working on for my Drupal contributions this week. Thanks to Code Enigma for sponsoring the time to work on these.

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Week 2 in my "luckiest person alive to have this job" chronicles. Let's see what we achieved this week to make Drupal better for everyone.

  1. The initiative meetings are still going on. This week I attended the "Experience Builder" update. This looks really interesting, really ambitious, and really cool - a mix of layout builder + paragraphs + Gutenberg + a kitchen sink ...
  2. We got an issue to stop using the body field in the Umami profile merged, so that makes Drupal core one bit better.
  3. I created an issue on just before DrupalCon in Prague in 2022 to simplify the default markup from the field.html.twig file. It got a lot of attention at the time, but since we didn't get it fixed then, the enthusiasm has waned a little bit. This week I revived it with an updated proposal for the markup for that file.
  4. Kind of related to last week's blog post about setting up DDEV for Drupal core contributions, I decided to automate it with a bash script, then I wrote a blog post to help others contribute to Drupal core more easily.

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