My LocalGov Drupal contributions for week-ending June 14th, 2024

Here's what I've been working on for my LocalGov Drupal contributions this week. Thanks to Big Blue Door for sponsoring the time to work on these.

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Meetings and Meet-ups

  1. Merge Tuesday. Another great day of merging items in to the various codebases, including a very handy patch I wrote for microsites to allow editors to find content based on the content author or the page title. 
  2. Tech Governance. This is another meeting I haven't been to for a while, and felt quite guilty about since I am the maintainer of many LGD features. One of the major issues that came up during this meeting is that we now have lots of more contributions to LGD, but that means we have a bigger backlog of PRs to test ... and how do we get all that testing done.
  3. Tech Group Drop-in. One of my favourite weekly meetings. Today we chatted about upgrading LGD Microsites from version 3 to 4. We also dug into that issue I've been having with a missing schema from the contact paragraph type, which ... we managed to fix!!!

Code Contributions

  1. There's been a complex issue about stacked h1 patterns for guides, and by extension other content types. We now have a nice way to have a <h1> with more than one field inside it, the title and an optional subtitle. This week I created a PR to add this variable to localgov_base (which was committed within 20 minutes of being created).
  2. You know when you need to upload a bunch of images, but our default set up says "no no no, you can only upload one image at a time"? Now we have a PR to make it happen.
  3. How do you know your project is getting noticed? The maintainers of libraries you use create pull requests for you to let you know about the latest version of their library. We are now using 3.2.0 for the sa11y accessibility module in localgov_sa11y.
  4. The LocalGov Elections module is looking great. This week I created a PR to start using chart.js charts which is open source instead of highcharts which needs a licence.
  5. While working on the elections module, I noticed some discrepancies with dependencies and naming conventions, so created a PR to fix that.
  6. The elections module has a submodule for sharing items on social media. The naming conventions used for this module are different to the other submodules. We now have a PR to bring that into line with the others.
  7. Still trying to figure out a schema issue with LocalGov Paragraphs contact entity. Arrrghhh! If you can help, please do. Fixed in Tech Group Drop-in meeting, yippee!
  8. Elizabeth from Haringey Council mentioned that callouts and alerts should have an icon, and that without them some users were skipping past those items to get to the rest of the content. We now have a PR to add icons to callouts and alerts.
  9. We got the PR for last week's "Labelled Icon" accessibility issue merged. Expect that to be available when we do our next release of localgov_base.

I'm happy with that amount of work over 2 days. I managed to work on 12 items (3 meetings and 9 issues). Next week we are going to do a big push on elections to try have it ready before the election in the UK in early July. Wish us luck!

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