My LocalGov Drupal contributions for week-ending June 21th, 2024

Here's what I've been working on for my LocalGov Drupal contributions this week. Thanks to Big Blue Door for sponsoring the time to work on these.

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I'm early this week. Normally, I spend Wednesday and Thursdays working on LocalGov Drupal, but this week I spent Monday and Tuesday doing it, in an effort to get as much LocalGov Elections work done as possible.

Update - I also spent Wednesday and Thursday working on elections to try get a beta version ready. Thanks to Big Blue Door for being understanding and sponsoring that extra work.

Meetings and Meet-ups

  1. Merge Tuesday. I'm writing this on Thursday, and we've done so much this week with elections, I can't remember exactly what the main focus on Merge Tuesday was this week!
  2. Tech Group Drop-in. This was a real deep dive - MySQL queries getting large, using a microsites module on a non-microsites account, entity share module, and more.
  3. Community Meet Up. I haven't been at a community meet up in a few months. It was great to get back to it today and demo some of the editor experience work I have been doing recently, in particular the Content Access by Path module.

Code Contributions

  1. Reviewed and merged PRs from Lee Millnut to make LocalGov Base and LocalGov Scarfolk Drupal 11-compatible. Thanks Lee.
  2. Reviewed and merged a PR from Lee to get LocalGov Sa11y to use the new shared workflows testing system that we now have.
  3. Rewrote some of my PR to rename the social post module that is part of the elections suite. The extra part was to leave the original module in place, mark it as deprecated, and uninstall it if the new module is being installed. We can fully remove it at a later date.
  4. Reviewed and merged a PR from Lee to get LocalGov Multilingual to use the new shared workflows testing system.
  5. It's all about elections this week. I created a PR to rewrite the frontend templates and CSS to bring them more in line with the LGD coding standards.
  6. The election module's JavaScript was written with a dependency on jQuery. We've been trying hard to not have any external library dependencies in our frontend systems, so we now have a PR to rewrite the elections JS using vanilla JavaScript.
  7. Elections module has a backlog of things that need to be fixed on mobile before we can mark the module as stable. I have a PR open now to try to solve each of these issues. This was nice, complex task to work on.
  8. We have a lot of PRs open, now that we have a lot more contributions being created. So there's a push on to review as many as possible before Merge Tuesdays. Mission Accomplished!
  9. Will had an idea to add default content to the political parties taxonomy for elections. We now have a submodule to do just that for UK political parties. This will give us consistency between councils for how parties are presented. We can create follow up modules for Irish parties, etc when we expand the module.
  10. And after all that ... we decided to rewrite the whole LocalGov Elections Reporting module to use the namespace localgov_elections instead of localgov_elections_reporting to ensure we had consistency between the parent module and the submodules. While doing so, we also rewrote the names of all the fields, entities, views, etc. Cue a very late night for myself and Finn trying to get it all ready for the other developers to be able to work with it the following morning. Check out the monster pull request to rewrite the LocalGov Elections module.
  11. And now we are on to clearing the last beta blockers, so we can have a stable release next week in time for the UK elections in early July. Wish us luck!

Time for a celebratory drink, I think.

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