My LocalGov Drupal contributions for week-ending May 24th, 2024

Here's what I've been working on for my LocalGov Drupal contributions this week. Thanks to Big Blue Door for sponsoring the time to work on these.

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Meetings and Meet-ups

  1. Attended the Merge Tuesday session. I haven't been at these for a while since they were conflicting with other work meetings. I'm always amazed at the amount of work being merged each week.
  2. Attended the microsites meetup. We're working hard to get a stable release of Microsites, and following that make it even better than it currently is.
  3. Attended the the tech drop-in meeting. This is one of my favourite meetings of the week, where anyone can come along and ask a technical question about LGD. Even better, there's usually an expert there who can answer that question!

Code Contributions

  1. Reviewing LocalGov Blogs navigation. This is a cool new feature being developed by Alistair Wearing from West Lindsey District Council, to add "Next" and "Previous" links for blogs.
  2. Reviewing Revisions Log Block which is being worked on by Anthony Lindsay from Annertech, so we can have a block on any node pages showing all the revisions of that page.
  3. X icon added to available icons for LocalGov Base. I held out on creating this PR, presuming X would go back to being called Twitter, but since that doesn't seem to be the case, we now have an X icon in our icons list for LocalGov Base.
  4. Created PR to add an admin role by default to LocalGov Drupal.
  5. Closed an issue with local task tabs for alert banners not showing for microsites. Thanks to Adnan for his patience with me on this, turns out it's working fine, but only for microsites 3+.
  6. Elizabeth from Haringey Council suggested that the preview link module should have a button to quickly copy the preview link to your clipboard, so I created an issue and PR on for it, so all Drupal users can benefit, rather than just LGD users.
  7. We've had a long-standing issue to enable redirect module by default. We'll, that's sorted now.
  8. Everyone wants to track their usage of media items, right? So they know what pages each image/video/etc is used on. I created an update hook to make that happen.
  9. A lot of content editors get confused by the "files" tab on admin/content. They click on it to see where files are used, but what they usually need is the "Usage" tab for media to see where that media item is used. We now have a PR open to remove the "Files" tab from all users unless a specific role requests it.
  10. Darn, I was hoping to get to 10 items, but time has caught up with me. See you next week!

I honestly feel so privileged to get paid to work on LocalGov Drupal in a dedicated manner like this. Having this time will make LGD better for everyone. Thanks to Big Blue Door for sponsoring my time to work on this.

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