My LocalGov Drupal contributions for week-ending May 31th, 2024

Here's what I've been working on for my LocalGov Drupal contributions this week. Thanks to Big Blue Door for sponsoring the time to work on these.

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Meetings and Meet-ups

  1. Merge Tuesday, we had a great meeting, and merged in some really nice updates from last week's work, most notably the "Media usage" tab so content designers can easily see where individual media items have been used.
  2. Tech Group Drop-in, we had a great meeting, though I was a bit embarrassed as an LGD core developer to have to ask my question: "How do you view a microsite if using DDEV?" I guess it shows we all need a little help sometimes, especially if we are new to a project or have changed to new technology (like me changing to use DDEV about 2 weeks ago). Following that, there were very interesting chats about how to get started theming LGD and constructing menus automatically for subsites extras.

Code Contributions

  1. Removed dependency on redirect module from LocalGov Core, since it's now required by the default profile instead. Thanks to Andy for pointing this one out to me.
  2. Thinking about adding masquerade functionality to LGD, so individual users can see the site as if they were other people. This is handy for developers when trying to debug an issue.
  3. Everyone wants to add events to their calendars, right? Now you can via the 'Add to Calendar' widget that is available for LocalGov Base (will be available soon, after some more testing).
  4. Created a local patch for the 'Add a copy-to-clipboard feature for Preview Link', so we can use that in the meantime, while waiting on the same patch to be reviewed on
  5. Approved a PR to allow review dates and updated dates to be translatable.
  6. Approved a PR so layout_paragraphs will work with your frontend theme. Why is this important? In case you wanted to use your frontend theme for content editing, for example if using the Mercury editor.
  7. Everyone is excited about the new "Subsites Extras" module so we can theme individual site sections different to other parts of the site. Now we have more sensible defaults for the colours used, which should mean less time for any councils using this feature - perhaps even no development time.
  8. We have a very nice linting set up for our CSS for localgov_base and any subthemes of it. However, we don't always remember to run the linter, then our code starts to not follow coding standards. Our code is now linted, but I really must set up an automated task for this.
  9. We had a few issues with our default 403 and 404 pages, such as extending from the wrong parent template to duplicating the content on the page. Thanks to Christopher Wales for working on a fix for this.
  10. Tables are always a bit tricky to work with. Thanks to ckeditor5 they are a little easier now. But that also brings in the ability to easily set columns as well as rows as your table header. We had no styling for this use case, but now we do. Thanks to Maria from Agile Collective for filing this issue.
  11. We made a tweak to last week's PR to add an admin role. We now also have an update hook so all current sites will also get this functionality, and then we'll have consistency for all sites to have the same role working as admin, meaning new features for this role will be easier to roll out.
  12. When viewing revisions, usually it's the newer versions (at the top of the list) you want to compare. On a page with a lot of revisions, it can mean a lot of scrolling to get to the "Compare selected revisions" button. We now have a PR open to duplicate that button and place it at the top of the form.

What another great week of making LGD better for everyone I've had. Thanks again to Big Blue Door for sponsoring my time to work on this.

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