Proof of Concept: New Grid System for LocalGov Drupal

Currently LocalGov Drupal relies on Bootstrap for its grid system. I think we can achieve a really nice grid system with about 30 lines of CSS. Let's see!

News post basic screenshot from LocalGov Drupal

When it comes to CSS frameworks, I really don't like using them. I find them bloat and opinionated. I also think they go against basic principles of scaling a web project, because each dependency we include forces that dependency on all users.

If there's something that we can do in a few lines of code that means we don't need to depend on a framework, I think we owe to to ourselves to investigate it. Here's my proof-of-concept of a grid system based on the GOVUK and NHSUK design systems' grid systems. It's only about 30 lines of CSS.



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