TiL (Today I Learned), a web app by me!

I created a small web app to keep track of things I learn each day.

TIL (Today I Learned) Screenshot

I thought I'd have some fun with LocalStorage (inspired by how Wordle works), so created a web app to keep a list of TILs (Today I Learned items).

This is a simple webapp that allows you to collect a list of the things you learn, and optionally share them with the world. Items are stored in localStorage in your browser. If you clear your browser's cache, they will be removed. The website stores no cookies, has no analytics, and respects your privacy 100%.

Things I would like to change about it:

  1. Use IndexDB so I can have more values such as date and time (handy for ordering items)
  2. Give an option to save to a database (like Firestore), so you can read your TILs across multiple browsers.

Enjoy it at https://til.mark.ie source code is available on GitHub.

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