Published: Fri 19 Jan 2018

Out of the Box has just been Committed to Drupal Core 8.6.x

After two years of planning, discussing, and (eventually) coding, the "Out of the Box" initiative has just been committed to Drupal Core.

Screenshot of part of the homepage of the demo_umami profile

One of the things most often requested of Drupal has been a better experience "Out of the Box", so that when a new users installs it they see something more positive than a message saying "You have not created any frontpage content yet".

To that end, a strategic initiative called the "Out of the Box Initiative" was set up. I was a member of that team. What we sought to do over the past two years was create a website for a (fictional) publishing company. We decided upon the name "Umami" for a food publishing company, publishing articles and recipes. We went through the full web design process - user stories, validation, requirements gathering, wireframes, design, development ... up to creating what we called the "MEGA Patch". And then submitted about 50 versions of it.

This week we hoped our work would be committed to Drupal 8.5.0-alpha1, but we just missed that deadline. Instead, we had a meeting with the product owners last night to have the final "Needs Product Owners Review" tag removed from the "Create experimental installation profile" issue. Here's the video of that demonstration and meeting:

Following that meeting, the tag was removed and our code was committed to Drupal 8.6.x. This means you'll see it shipping in Drupal in September at the latest, but we hope to get the final beta blockers fixed to have it backported to 8.5.0-beta. If you'd like to help squash some of the bugs, follow these "Out of the Box" issues. Here's the tweet from @webchick (THANKS!) announcing it:

So, what is in this commit?

This commit brings a new installation profile to Drupal. The profile is called "Umami" and has a corresponding "Umami" theme. It creates three content types - basic page, article, and recipe. It has listing pages for articles and recipes, some promotional blocks, a homepage, contact form, and search page. It is a fully-featured (small) website built using only (stable) Drupal core modules.

We are not using experimental modules such as content moderation, layout builder, media, etc. Once they are stable, we hope to bring them into the "Out of the Box" experience as well.

If you'd like to install it, try this link on

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Would I be insane to clone it and start a new project on it? Running a conference in 2020 that needs just a brochure now, but much more later. Ran same conference in 2007 on D4.7 so I know may way around.

A quick look does not list a theme other than Seven. Where is the theme?

In reply to by Walt Daniels (not verified)


Hi Walt,

Yes, I think you would be insane :-) to clone it and work from there. Well, not really, but the installation profile is specifically for a magazine use case, so the content type and fields, etc that you need will not be met. Further to that, new versions of the theme or config may (or may not) break your cloned version (if it's cloned probably not, but I reckon it would be much work work to reverse engineer our work, than just start afresh).

If it's a simple conference site, you will not need too much effort using Drupal 8 Core to create the content types and views that you need, and I think that would be the most stable way to go.

The theme is in the demo_umami directory in the /core/profiles directory because it is tightly coupled to the profile and not supposed to be used as a standalone theme.

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