White-tailed Sea Eagle Diving for Prey, Portumna Galway

Today, I got to film one flying over my house, then swooping out of sight (I presume for prey - if not, let me believe so!).

White-tailed Sea Eagle Diving for Prey, Portumna Galway

Eagles were introduced to Portumna, Co. Galway a few years ago. I LOVE to watch them. Anytime I see eagles flying here - it's not that often, but living beside Portumna Forest Park and working from home I probably see them more often than others - I run outside to look. Today, one was flying right over my house, around and around in a widening circle. I popped inside to get my phone to make a small recording to send to my family.

As I began recording it, it started floating across the sky, over the trees that form the boundary of our estate - never flapping a wing, just gliding. After about 30 seconds, I lost sight of it on the phone and stopped recording. When I played it back, I couldn't believe my luck. I had lost sight of it because the sun was in my eyes, but it had dropped very quickly down out of the sky. I presume to catch some prey.

I don't think I've been as excited watching something in nature since I was a child. I frightened myself with how excited I got. S excited in fact that I sent the video of it to EVERY person in our estate (in fairness, we have an estate WhatsApp group for messaging each other).

Here's the video.

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